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Meet Our Team

Get to know the passionate professionals powering Qumas AI. This team, rich in innovative thinking and industry insights, equips you with unrivaled trading resources to excel in the market. With Qumas AI, you can count on our robust support and expert advice to optimize your trading returns.

  • Sarah Miller


    Sarah sets the strategic direction for Qumas AI and oversees all business operations. She ensures our activities align with our mission and vision.

  • Henry Bennett


    David is responsible for Qumas AI's technical planning and risk management. He ensures the company's tech infrastructure.

  • Anna Taylor

    Lead Developer

    Anna heads our software development team. She ensures our platform is user-friendly, efficient, and continuously updated with the latest features.

  • Kazuki Yamada

    Lead Data Scientist

    Kazuki interprets complex data and turns it into actionable strategies. His work forms the backbone of our data-driven trading decisions.

  • Amina Grace

    Senior AI Specialist

    Amina oversees the development, implementation, and improvement of our AI technologies. She ensures our AI tools are on par with the latest industry standards.

  • James Rodriguez

    Marketing Manager

    James designs and implements our marketing strategies. He works to increase Qumas AI's brand visibility and attract new users.

  • Rachel Martin

    Customer Success Manager

    Laura shines in integrating the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence into our trading platform. Her inventive strategies maintain our AI models' adaptability and potency, culminating in a smooth, high-performing trading experience for our clientele.

  • Michael Thompson

    Head of Trading

    Michael leads our trading team. His expertise guides the development of our trading strategies and decision-making processes.

  • Sophia Jackson

    Human Resources Manager

    Sophia ensures that Qumas AI is a great place to work. She oversees recruitment, manages employee benefits, and fosters a positive company culture.

Elevate Your Trading Strategy

Experience advanced asset trading with Qumas AI. Our unique combo of AI and big data offers unmatched trading skills. Prepare yourself to ace the markets with utmost precision.