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About us

Our squad of seasoned traders and AI specialists have engineered Qumas AI. The superior trading platform that offers unmatched precision for users.

A Global Team, Pioneering the Next AI Trading Era

Qumas AI is changing the trading industry. We use expert trader knowledge and cutting-edge tech to create a top trading platform. It’s fast, accurate, and helps maximize gains.

We are a global team, each with unique insights. We always stay updated with the newest in AI and finance. This keeps Qumas AI on top. By combining human skills and AI, we are creating a unique trading experience.

July 2021

Founded Qumas AI

Qumas AI was created with the vision of reshaping the trading with AI.

Dec 2021

Got $15m in Funding

Qumas AI company succeeded in securing $15 million in funding. It enables further enhancement of the platform.

May 2022

Beta Version Unveiled

We released the beta version of Qumas AI. We invited users to explore the platform. We told them to provide valuable feedback to our development team.

Dec 2022

Product Launched Worldwide

Qumas AI launched its product on a global scale. We deliver the best AI solutions to our traders to gain more money.

Elevate Your Trading Strategy

Experience advanced asset trading with Qumas AI. Our unique combo of AI and big data offers unmatched trading skills. Prepare yourself to ace the markets with utmost precision.