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Antpool Overcomes Foundry, Holds Winning Position in Bitcoin Mining Race of November

The Race of Hashrate: Antpool Overtakes Foundry in Bitcoin Mining

The Bitcoin mining landscape has undergone a significant shift with Antpool displacing Foundry USA in the pool rankings. November proved to be a promising month for Antpool as it took the first position by contributing to 27.46% of the global hashrate.

November – A Turning Point in Bitcoin Mining

Previously, Foundry USA had been the leading force in hashrate, but the game changed in November. Antpool successfully mined the majority of blocks, hence securing the lead. Its three-day average hashrate was recorded at 29.51%, with Foundry trailing at 26.70%.

During the entire sweep of November, Antpool mined 1,218 blocks, which constitutes 27.46% of the total blocks mined within the 30-day period. Foundry was not far behind as it unearthed 1,216 blocks, hence contributing 27.41% to the global hashrate. In addition, Antpool was found to have mined 12 out of the 16 empty blocks during this time. However, despite its recent triumph, Antpool still lags behind F2pool in the total number of blocks mined since the beginning of their operations.

F2pool boasts a lifetime total of 82,410 blocks mined, whereas Antpool is at 79,990, which equates to 9.76% of all blocks ever mined. In contrast, F2pool manages a more substantial 10.06%. Foundry, despite its dominance in 2022 and 2023, has a total block count of 30,684, representing 3.75% of blocks ever mined, placing it behind other mining pools like, Braiins (formerly Slush), Viabtc, and the now non-operational Btc Guild.

Yearly Performance: Foundry Still Reigns

Overall, Foundry still shines when looking at the yearly statistics. It mined 16,335 out of the 53,811 blocks in the last year, holding a compelling 30.36% contribution to the total mining. On the other hand, Antpool mined 12,041 blocks, representing 22.38% of the annual total. Both significantly lead F2pool, which mined 7,316 blocks, or 13.60% of the total in the last year.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is Antpool and its significance in the Bitcoin mining race of November?

Antpool is one of the largest and most prominent Bitcoin mining pools globally. In the Bitcoin mining race of November, Antpool successfully overcame the competition and secured a winning position.

2. How does Antpool’s triumph in the Bitcoin mining race impact the cryptocurrency industry?

Antpool’s victory in the Bitcoin mining race of November signifies its dominance in the industry and highlights its ability to generate significant computing power for mining new Bitcoin blocks. This achievement solidifies Antpool’s position as a key player in the cryptocurrency mining sector.

3. What challenges did Antpool face in surpassing the competition in the Bitcoin mining race?

Antpool encountered various challenges during the Bitcoin mining race of November. These challenges ranged from fierce competition from other mining pools to the need for efficient hardware and optimal mining strategies. However, Antpool’s expertise and resources allowed them to overcome these hurdles successfully.

4. How does Antpool’s success in the Bitcoin mining race affect Bitcoin’s overall network security?

Antpool’s success in the Bitcoin mining race enhances the overall network security of Bitcoin. By holding a winning position, Antpool contributes to the stability and reliability of the Bitcoin network, making it more resistant to potential attacks or manipulation.

5. What strategies or advantages did Antpool employ to secure its position in the Bitcoin mining race?

Antpool’s success in the Bitcoin mining race of November can be attributed to several factors. These include efficient mining hardware, strategic partnerships, a strong and diverse mining network, and continuous technological advancements. These advantages enabled Antpool to outperform its competitors and maintain a winning position.

6. How does Antpool’s triumph in the Bitcoin mining race impact its reputation and influence in the cryptocurrency community?

Antpool’s victory in the Bitcoin mining race of November significantly enhances its reputation and influence within the cryptocurrency community. By showcasing their ability to consistently outperform competitors, Antpool establishes itself as a trusted and formidable force in the mining sector.

7. Can Antpool’s success in the Bitcoin mining race be considered a long-term advantage?

While Antpool’s success in the Bitcoin mining race of November is commendable, it does not guarantee a long-term advantage. The cryptocurrency industry is highly dynamic, and new players and technologies continuously emerge. Antpool must continue to adapt and innovate to maintain its competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of Bitcoin mining.